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Yvonne Allen could be described as a deep river. Her speech is never superficial because her thoughts are intentional, and her desires are eternal. She never gets distracted, distraught, or pulled off course because she is steadfast with the Lord.  She consistently has a walk with the Holy Spirit that inspires others to know Him more. She communes with the Godhead and is truly led by the Spirit. As a result, Yvonne has a very happy marriage, children who fear the Lord in a healthy way, and she exhibits heaven on earth in her health, prosperity, and relationships. She exemplifies what it is to really be a Christian—not just talking about it, but demonstrating it through her lifestyle. She is a living epistle known and read of all men. If you have the privilege to know her, you will get to meet one facet of Jesus, as expressed through her personality and calling. Yvonne is a mature Christian, believing, talking, and conducting her life unwaveringly in a Christlike way. Clearly, she has been with Jesus.



With no natural head start in life, Yvonne Allen is a successful business owner. She grew up in India, giving it her very best before immigrating to Canada, and now makes her home in the United States, where she has grown and prospered in every way. Her success is a combination of God’s favor, combined with obedience, hard work, and diligence.



Yvonne lives in Southlake, Texas, with her husband, Paul. Together they have two wonderful married children with families of their own. She is full of joy and always fun to be around.

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