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He knows everything about you, and He wants you to know Him -Father God, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit -deeply and intimately. Yvonne Allen shares the progression of her transformation with God from outsider to insider to servant to friend to daughter and, at last, as His beloved bride! Journey with her from her Catholic childhood in Bombay, India, to her adolescence, salvation, and beginning her career in Canada, becoming a reluctant pastor's wife in Boston, Massachusetts, and finally discovering her true identity and worth in Southlake, Texas. Her story is sweet, and the revelation from the Song of Songs will encourage you to come away with God and allow Him to draw you to His heart.


Leave your barrenness behind, drench your soul in the water of the Word, and let Him prune your vines until your heart is in full bloom. Will you answer the invitation of the Bridegroom King?

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