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I Am

In January 2020, I was invited to a traditional Burns Night celebration. Each guest was asked to bring a

poem to share. What I did not know was that Burns Night is a Scottish tradition where the life and

poems of the poet Robert Burns are celebrated. The meal includes haggis, neeps, and tatties (turnips

and potatoes).

While I scurried to get ready for the evening, no poem was satisfactory. I looked for my favorite

Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” I read it and reread it,

but it didn’t feel right. I did not want to recite this one, either. So, I decided I was just going to write one.

With just twenty minutes to spare, I partnered with Holy Spirit, and the following poem was born:

I Am

a simple woman

with an EXTRAordinary mind—

the mind of Christ!

I Am

fearfully and wonderfully made.

Yes, I Am His masterpiece;

I was not made to fade.

 I Am

forgiven and justified;

healed, whole, and sanctified.


Not moved by what I see

This is who I BE—


Redeemed and perfect,

anointed and holy,

an overcomer,

called and glorified

I Am.

I Am

a chosen generation,

a royal priesthood,

a holy nation.


Predestined to create

just like the Creator

in His likeness and image

I Am.


Yes, I Am

a NEW creature,

partaking of HIS divine nature.

Walking by faith and not by sight;

trained as a princess warrior

with His authority.

From rest,

declaring and decreeing,

I fight!

By His death, and

by His grace

I was set free.

Death, mortality

has no hold on me.

I Am,

I Am.

I remind myself

I Am

the head and not the tail,

not set up to fail.

Jesus has paid the price,

and that will suffice;

I Am.


I Am

the dwelling place of God,

His masterpiece,

I Am.

By His blood, His bride,

His friend

I Am.


This is my story,

a reflection of His glory


I was extremely encouraged and excited to share this poem with the guests at dinner that evening. I

hope it encourages you.

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1 Comment

So true! I am who I am says I am.

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